Omnilux GU-10 230V LED SMD 7W, oranžová

Omnilux GU-10 230V LED SMD 7W, oranžová

159  Kč

Číslo produktu: 88540650

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Cena bez DPH: 131  Kč

Váha: 0,07 kg


Spare lamp for Eurolite PAR-16 spots: 50850340 EUROLITE PAR-16 Spot GU-10 silver, 50850350 EUROLITE PAR-16 Spot GU-10 black, 50850352 EUROLITE PAR-16 Spot GU-10 white.
Technická specifikace
Shape: Reflector Base: GU-10 Voltage: 230 V Lamp current: 0.042 A Nominal wattage: 7 W Power factor: 0.622 Beam angle: 36 Life: 20000 h Switching cycles: 80000 Color: Orange Burning position: Universal Hot restrike: Yes Dimmable: Yes Accent lighting: Yes Starting time: 0.2 s Warm-up time: 1 s Mercury content: 0 mg Voltage type: Alternating voltage Current type: Alternating current Operating voltage: 100-240 V Operating temperature: -20-+40 C Dimensions (LxD): 54x51 mm Ecodesign regulation: Yes Special product: Not designed for household room illumination Purpose: Show effect lighting EU energy labels printed on the carton may be wrong. The correct energy efficiciency class is available from the manufacturer's system.
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