BeamZ Rage 1800 Snow, výrobník sněhu s bezdrátovým ovladačem

BeamZ Rage 1800 Snow, výrobník sněhu s bezdrátovým ovladačem

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The Rage1800SNOW is a high-performance snow effect machine with DMX and timer control. This snow effect machine creates a winter nature during any sized event or party. The artificial snowflakes are projected meters away thanks to the on board fan blower and provides a beautiful falling snow effect. Equipped with a wired remote control (LCD with 3m cable), a wireless remote control and a big reservoir (3,5 liters!) for snow fluid. Perfect for any event or party wanting a winter or snow effect.LED illuminated reservoir makes it easy to check fog fluid level. Snowflakes effect Special long life nozzle Led illuminated reservoir Constant use creates a foam layer that gradually dissolves and leaves practically no residue. Snow level control Wireless remote control 3500ml Snow fluid tank
Technická specifikace
Tank capacity: 3.5l Modes: DMX DMX Channels: 2 DMX Connector: 3-pin XLR Power consumption: 7A Power Supply: 230/240VAC 50/60Hz Dimensions (L x W x H): 570 x 255 x 285mm Weight (kg): 7.9000 Accessories: Mounting bracket, Power Cable, Remote control
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