BeamZ Oberon II Laser 230mW RGY Beam DMX IRC

BeamZ Oberon II Laser 230mW RGY Beam DMX IRC

3.690  Kč

Číslo produktu: SK152803

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Cena bez DPH: 3.050  Kč

Váha: 1,9 kg


The Oberon II laser is a Red, Green and Yellow laser system. The laser sources ensure brilliant colours and powerful laser beams. The RGY laser includes an IR remote control for wireless control and to switch between sound-activated or auto programs. In DMX mode you also have total control of all Patterns, X-Y movements, zooming, speed and rotation. There are safety features like a key switch and an interlock interface. It's ideal for semi-professional applications and is perfectly suitable in bars, medium sized clubs and discos. As well as for rental companies, mobile DJs, private use and in any other party location.
Technická specifikace
Laser Red:150mW (650nm) Laser Green:80mW (532nm) DMX channels:9 Power supply:100-240VAC / 50-60Hz Dimensions:245 x 200 x 75mm Weight:1.6kg
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